Created and presented by The Paper Birds and co-produced with Live Theatre

Ask Me Anything

A loud, live, love song to not having it all figured out

Have you ever wanted to ask something really important, embarrassing, private, mundane? If you could ask anything about growing up, what would it be?

Welcome to the 90s, a place of house phones, pen pals and dial up internet. A time where problem pages in magazines taught teenage girls, like us, about the world.

Building on the immersive and intimate nature of Mobile (2016), Ask Me Anything is a collaboration with singer/songwriter Rosie Doonan about finding your voice and being heard.

Set in a multitude of teenage bedrooms, Ask Me Anything is an immersive theatrical experience. From Jackie to Just Seventeen, teenagers have been turning to agony aunts and problem pages for centuries; but now, with the world at their fingertips and 3.5 billion daily searches on Google alone, is there anything young people don’t know (or can’t find out)?

We asked teenagers to write to us and ask us anything. Nothing is off limits. This show is our reply.

With music, mischief and mayhem we explore what it means to be a young person growing up today. Ask Me Anything looks at what we can teach the next generation, but importantly, what they can also teach us.

Ask Me Anything is for teenagers, parents and everyone in between, who, like us, are still figuring it all out. So take off your shoes, pull up a cushion and come on in.

Director: Jemma McDonnell

Cast: Georgie Coles, Rosie Doonan & Kylie Perry

Music: Rosie Doonan

Designer: Rebecca Wood

Lighting Design: Joe Price

AV Design:  The Media Workshop

Sound Design: Shane Durrant

Producers: Charlotte Kalantari - Gregory & Melanie Rashbrooke

We previewed the show in July 2019 at Live Theatre.

2020 National tour dates to be announced soon!


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