In association with National Theatre Studio, The Junction, Harrogate Theatre and Lincolnshire One Venues The Paper Birds present


Based on our nation’s love affair with alcohol, Thirsty weaves together real booze based confessions collected from a ‘drunken hotline’ and hundreds of questionnaires answered by young and old. From nightclubs to working men’s clubs, from house parties to dinner parties; Thirsty relays tales from the happy hours to the early hours.

Fusing live music, verbatim text and stunning physical theatre, The Paper Birds examine binge drinking culture in the UK; lost memories, gained traumas, tales of bruised knees, uncontrollable laughter, urine stained beds and sore heads. A dynamic theatrical exploration delving beyond statistics, facts and figures Thirsty looks to the faces and the voices of everyone who likes a drink and asks why as a Nation are we so thirsty?   Premiered at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Pleasance Courtyard, 2011.

Devised & Performed by: Jemma McDonnell & Kylie Walsh

Directed by: Kirsty Housley & Jemma McDonnell

Music: Shane Durrant

Producer: Elle Moreton

Set Design: Fiammetta Horvat

Lighting Design: Vince Field

Sound Design: Benji Fox

'It’s an engaging, frequently very funny and poignant show. On Fiammetta Horvat’s deft set, cubicles become phone booths, changing rooms and nightclub toilets…. Our generous hostesses come into their own when giving themselves over to the physicality of drinking, reaching a climax in a frantic, sodden ballet of shots and stumbles.'

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