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The Paper Birds’ Team working with some talented young people!
Credit National Theatre – 16-21 Youth Programme © Emma Hare

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“A rollercoaster of a show…If I could go back in time and bring my younger self to see one piece of theatre it would be Ask Me Anything. Brilliant.” Audience member 

Do you remember being a teenager? The highs, the lows, the uncertainty of who you were and who you wanted to be? If you could talk to your younger self and offer some advice what would it be? 

Ask Me Anything is no ordinary piece of theatre. It was created using over 100 real letters written to us by young people from across the UK. By asking them to tell us their hopes and fears, we learned that many young people are struggling: 1 young person in 8 lives with a mental health problem and, unthinkably, over 200 school children are lost to suicide each year.

We need your support!

We want to offer as many young people as possible a free ticket to see Ask Me Anything. The show raises awareness of mental health issues, creating a safe space where it’s okay to ask and talk about ANYTHING. But those who need to see Ask Me Anything the most, are those most likely to miss out.

Your support will help change this story.

Your gift will ensure that young people from all backgrounds and walks of life can come and see the show and be part of the Ask Me Anything conversation, as we tour across the UK in 2020.

You may not be able to talk to your younger self, but you CAN support a young person TODAY.

Make a gift: buy a ticket for a teen.

  • Your £15* donation will buy 1 ticket for young person, who could not otherwise afford to come and see Ask Me Anything in their local theatre.
  • Your £150 will mean a group of 10 vulnerable young people can come and see Ask Me Anything in their local theatre.
  • Your £1,000 will mean that we can put on an additional performance of Ask Me Anything for an invited audience of young people.

“Whenever I speak or work with The Paper Birds I feel motivated and inspired. Keep passing that magic to everyone that surrounds you.” Paper Birds’ Supporter

* Suggested donation amount has been calculated based on average concessionary ticket price across the tour, plus a small contribution towards the administration time required to recruit young people and organise their attendance at the theatre.

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