Our latest CPD course for teachers and facilitators is a practical workshop that focuses on approaches to layering, building and structuring scenes to create a final devised piece.


Are your students excelling at devising material, and then coming unstuck when it comes to putting it together?

Do they lean into naturalistic storylines because it’s easier for them to shape linear work?

Do you want to feel equipped to guide them through their devising process from start to finish?






Each year we deliver a one-day course for drama teachers exploring the key ingredients to making a production in the style of The Paper Birds. But this year we have decided to take the course virtual!

Download the webinar we held on 5th September 2020, where we deliver exercises sampling each of the 5 key ingredients of our work; Verbatim, Movement, Exposing the Method, Character & Narrative, and Motif. All that you need to encourage your students to generate thought provoking political theatre in the style of The Paper Birds! Exercises are designed to be lifted directly, to allow you to relay with students from KS4-5.

The course is accompanied by a detailed PDF Resource Pack that includes links to watch extracts of our touring productions. You can use all the exercises in school and distribute the video links for students to watch independently or together in class.




Back in May/June 2020, we ran a webinar exploring our approach to ‘distanced devising’. If you missed the live sessions, but would like to view the video, you can pay and download here on this page. Please note – it’s a direct grab from the webinar as it went out live – it’s not super fancy!

Included in your download is the accompanying PDF Resource Booklet with all the exercises and video-clips for you to keep and return back to.

Fee: £30.00



Pay and sign up here using a credit or debit card. Or email us to request an invoice to your school via kylie@thepaperbirds.com

Credit card payments will be issued with a VAT receipt via email.





Photo credit (top): Emma Hare (National Theatre, 2020)

Photo credit (bottom): Murdo Macleod (The Guardian, 2011)

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