Feel Me

Can you ever step into another person’s shoes, see their life through their eyes, feel what they feel?

Feel Me will be The Paper Birds’ first show made specifically for young people, in particular targeting audiences aged 13 – 25.

Made by a radical creative team of exciting young artists, in dialogue with creatives from The Paper Birds’, we will collaborate with venues, festivals, youth theatres and schools, to reach young people across the world, and together create a global story about empathy.

The research and making process itself will be a standalone artwork: part young people’s consultancy project, part audience development initiative, part artistic exploration.

To open up conversations, The Paper Birds will create a series of digital learning short films, both artistic and educational, which will invite our young collaborators to fully consider the social science and psychology of empathy and set up a series of provocations.

Teenagers and young adults will respond to our films by creating snapshots of their own lives: these mini artworks and testimonies will be filmed, photographed or typed using their smartphones, and sent back and forth to other young people around the world in a digital story exchange, facilitated by The Paper Birds. 

From this research material The Paper Birds will create a small-scale, highly visual, poetic and physical touring show Feel Me. 

We plan to start digital research and development activity and begin engaging young people in the project online in 2020-21.

If you would like to know more or get involved in the project, please contact Co-Director Jemma:

We are currently seeking partners to support the development of Feel Me, whether they be theatre venue commissioners, schools in the UK and overseas, or youth groups. We plan for the final live show to tour 2022-23.



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