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The Paper Birds strive to create and share devised work that is important; work that is culturally, socially and politically observational and conversationally urgent. Our productions will always emerge from a female perspective and often this female voice will prioritise stories of women. The company's work will often shift and reinvent itself to address and evoke discussion, thought and emotion when and where it is most needed whilst retaining the company's signature visual and physical approach.

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Who's who?

Artistic Director: Jemma Mc Donnell
Tel: +44 (0)7810 435782

Creative Producer: Bonnie Mitchell
Tel: 44 (0)7968 737684

Education Director: Kylie Walsh
Tel: +44 (0)7855 098063

Composer: Shane Durrant

The Paper Birds
3 St Peter's Buildings
York Street

Board Of Directors:
Caroline Routh
Leonie Lumb
Kate Craddock
Jemma McDonnell
Kylie Walsh

The Paper Birds are a company registered in England (5363584)